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Engelendiamant therapie
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 The special power of Angel Diamond combines healing energies of both heaven & earth, Angels & Crystals. Angel Aquariel explains other facets of the Diamond vision in the new Aquarius Age! As a child we all learn how to brush our teeth, take a shower and dress ourselves. We benefit a whole life long. This course teaches the practice of caring for our wonderful soul, talents, body, feelings... When we grow up, we learn to drive a car in a careful, responsable way. It offers us opportunities to fulfull our destiny. In a similar practical way this course guides us to be an instrument of Source healing and coaching! It offers us tools to share our gifts, to find each other and co-create in a joyful way. 

Healing course in 3 levels


  1. Basic course: healing

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  1. Advanced course: coaching

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  1. Master course: manifestation

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Healing cursus in 3 modules


  1. Module 1: healing

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  1. Module 2: coaching

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  1. Master class: manifestatie

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Mieke Michielsen - Kristallen Poort - De Hulsten 48 - 2980 Zoersel - Belgium, +32 3 658 65 96 -
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  • Thank you very much for this 2 days course. It was really a nice time for me. I'm very happy to have met you. You are a wonderful person. M.P.
  • Thank you for everything Mieke you brought to us. Thanx for sharing your very precious gift and energies. Much appriciated It was and is a life changing experience for me."
  • It was an amazing weekend full of love, angelic energies, shifts. Thank you Mieke for being who you are!
  • Your Angel Diamond course was a magic which healed a deep imprint I think a collective imprint.  In my opinion it belonged to Maria Magdalene. A.R.
  • Thank you again for the beautiful weekend in Budapest! Angel Diamond energy and many of the experiences, incl. Flower of Heart, became regular part of my meditations, energy work and sessions with my clients. It feels very natural and powerful at the same time. The course as a whole, it’s ideally balanced and structured, flows very naturally and offers perfect combination of different practical experiences and information. Amazing energy of love and light, protection, safety, healing and support at all levels. Deeply transforming, healing and supportive, no matter what the individual needs of the participants are. K.K.
  • This was the best course ever! What happened with me during the attunement was really great…” S.G.
  • I love your style which is playful and flexible, offering space for my own intuition… I. H.

 Angel Diamond®

A Source Healing Journey

supported by Angels & Crystals

Zoersel - Belgium

by Creator Mieke Michielsen


De speciale waarde van Angel Diamond ligt in prachtig samenspel Hemel- en Aardekracht, Engelen en Kristallen. We ervaren het juweel dat we zijn! Als kind leren we tanden poetsen, douchen en ons aankleden. We genieten er een heel leven lang van. Deze cursus leert zorg dragen voor onze kostbare ziel, talenten, energie en lichaam.Wanneer we opgroeien, leren we auto rijden op een zorgvuldige, verantwoordelijke manier en dat biedt ons veel mogelijkheden.  Bronhealing cursussen leren ons een instrument zijn voor healing en essentie- coaching, niet alleen als therapie maar als een levenskunst en bijdrage aan  de 'Diamant' van de nieuwe tijd. Lees meer