ik wil graag inschrijven in Angel Diamond opleiding module 1 in Amsterdam

Engelenmeditaties met Bronzegening
Engelendiamant voor kinderbegeleiders


Mieke Michielsen - Kristallen Poort - De Hulsten 48 - 2980 Zoersel - Belgium, +32 3 658 65 96 -
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  • "Thank you for everything Mieke you brought to us. Thanx for sharing your very precious gift and energies. Much appriciated It was and is a life changing experience for me."
  • It was an amazing weekend full of love, angelic energies, shifts. Thank you Mieke for being who you are!
  • Your Angel Diamond course was a magic which healed a deep imprint I think a collective imprint.  In my opinion it belonged to Maria Magdalene. A.R.
  • Thank you again for the beautiful weekend in Budapest! Angel Diamond energy and many of the experiences, incl. Flower of Heart, became regular part of my meditations, energy work and sessions with my clients. It feels very natural and powerful at the same time. The course as a whole, it’s ideally balanced and structured, flows very naturally and offers perfect combination of different practical experiences and information. Amazing energy of love and light, protection, safety, healing and support at all levels. Deeply transforming, healing and supportive, no matter what the individual needs of the participants are. K.K.
  • This was the best course ever! What happened with me during the attunement was really great…” S.G.
  • I love your style which is playful and flexible, offering space for my own intuition… I. H.

 Angel Diamond®

Advanced Healing & Coaching

in Zoersel - Belgium

Let's practice the Wisdom of the Soul!


“Whatever process you are going through, know that we always nurture the bright Source in you..." Angel Aquariel



Empower your intuition, expand your healing practice and be the best coach to yourself and others!

  • you receive the Advanced Angel Diamond attunement guided by Angels and Crystals, bringing you new shifts of perception, consciousness, joy, gratitude;
  • this attunement empowers your inner guidance; you will acknowledge and practice the wisdom of your Soul and learn about the wisdom revealed in your relationships;
  • release karma & old patterns, especially in the relationship with yourself and others: acceptance & forgiveness proces, enjoy new passion, freedom and creativity;
  • you learn to be the best coach to yourself and train essential coaching tools to help others to connect with their wisdom;
  • you will experience a wonderful way to receive messages from your Soul, the Angels, Spiritual Guides, Crystals & Gaia, a past life, the stars, the akashic field;
  • you will be able to connect and communicate with the many dimensions of life, while being very grounded and practical;
  • you train the new Advanced Angel Diamond Healing abilities supported by Angels & high frequency Crystals;
  • you learn to create a crystal mandala to empower your Souls purpose and fulfill your dreams in daily life;
  • you will experience the Diamond vision of the new Aquarius Age and have fun with your Source Healing Friends!

The course will be taught in English. During practices in teams you are free to express in your own language.

For video footage to prepare for the course, see

Practical details

when                    16 + 17 March 2019,  9:30 - 18:00

where                   Kristallen Poort, De Hulsten 48, 2980 Zoersel - Belgium. Driving instructions

fee                         €333, drinks + manual included

                                €300 (= €33 early bird discount) when paying deposit before the 15th of February

                                reviewers 50% discount- for special group discount, feel free to contact us

register                by e-mail

                                €100 deposit to the account of Kristallen Poort, IBAN = BE89 7310 0467 6785, BIC = KREDBEBB,                                 mention "Angel Diamond Advanced Zoersel" 

lunch                     you can bring your own lunch or purchase in local bakery or sandwich bar

accomodation   you can find some suggestions here