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Flower of Heart

Your heart is such a powerful instrument in your healing proces of homecoming and healing. Tender like a flower and strong like a diamond is this gateway of magical Love! Experience unity with your beautiful Soul, which is the Angel you are. The Angelic & crystalline realm will support you on this journey. They will make you shine with all your human talents being the radiant expression of your beauty .

Enjoy the video's to prepare for the course here.

Mieke Michielsen - Kristallen Poort - De Hulsten 48 - 2980 Zoersel - 03 658 65 96 -
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Angel Diamond® Basic course

A Source healing journey

supported by Angels and Crystals

In English with Mieke Michielsen

5 + 6 July 2018 in Zoersel - Belgium

Together we embody Radiant Love


Keys:  Angelic attunement- powerful meditations -

profound Angelic and Crystal healing practice - loving

awareness - butterfly transformation and delight...

This course is part of a 4 day class

Waterfalls of Grace

Being one Heart with Angels and Crystals we become deeply aware and welcome the highest inspiration. We are grateful for the abundant grace and blessings of life! Who are you? Mieke's center “Crystal Gate” supports you to be your Self, feel home on Earth and express your magnificence. You play your perfect, bright and creative role in this Divine Diamond universe. Enjoy Mieke's voice... The video's on this page prepare you for the course and bring theme introduction here.

Lakes of Peace

Are you aware of your eternal true value, here and now? Allow yourself to let go of the past and surrender to peace. New pearls of talents and opportunities will appear!

Angels are awakening a deeper compassion! Crystals are revealing serenity. Both are nurturing us in a bubble of care and safety! Healing is your natural Divine gift and Angelic Nature supports us to transform trauma, restore balance, creating wisdom and clarity through challenging experiences. Enjoy deep healing  through this video.

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Mieke Michielsen has her Center for Healing and Spirituality in Belgium. When you call her, she will travel to your country, happy to  cooperate with an Angelic host/ translator. If you love to invite her for a class with Angels and Crystals in your location, you can contact her by phone (+32 3 658 65 96) or email.

Mieke started her healing- and artistic work from the Soul in the early Nineties. She built up a strong creative connection with the Angelic and Crystalline kingdom and did teach classes in many countries.

At the beginning of 2000, after her spiritual breakthrough, the Angel Diamond project did truly expand.

Since then Mieke is guiding intensive year trainings for inner growth as well as practical weekend courses.

Mieke loves nature! She is married, has a big family, three lovely children and three grandchildren.

Wellness Lagoon

Welcome Home and cherish the fruits of your journey. Angels and Crystals are pure harmony, inviting us to relax in the awareness of this moment. This way you release the deepest issues. Do you feel the tinkling of love in every cell? Listen: what is the wisdom that your DNA reveals? Childlike innocence and ease are illuminating all your wise senses. Relax and taste the care and abundance of Mother Divine. You are on a vacation, adorable prince- princess…!

Take a deep breath and enjoy the course intro on video.


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