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Mieke Michielsen - Kristallen Poort - De Hulsten 48 - 2980 Zoersel - 03 658 65 96 - info@kristallenpoort.be
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Mieke Michielsen & Kristallen Poort

Video "Mieke Michielsen, the Power of Sensitivity"

After 4 years of educational coaching work in Brazil, Mieke Michielsen attended several courses in Holistic Therapies. As a Reiki Master, Crystal Master and Cosmic Dimension Therapist she’s guiding many individuals and groups with lots of Joy since 1992. Her warm heart and poetic vision invite every one to come back Home to the Source!

Through this sincere dedication and her Spiritual Art paintings she deepened her contact with the Angels and Ascended Masters. In 2000 she was initiated through several visions to a bigger destiny. Through all the channeled information grew the “Angel Diamond®” Process, a modern Spiritual Path for Awakening through Initiation, Angel Mysticism and Angel Love Wisdom. In 2001 she met Stevan Thayer – what a gift ! – and she became a very enthusiastic Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy®. She received the Award of 2007 and 2010 "Instructor of the Year" for teaching the most IET students. In 2011 Mieke became an IET Master-Instructor Trainer (she can teach the Master-Instructor class). Read more about about IET courses

The “Crystal Gate” is Mieke’s mobile “field of interaction”, focussing on Spirituality in daily life, personal growth, healing and coaching.

Mieke's core quality is “Living from the Source of unconditional Love", which is “the Center of her Being” ! Also in the activation of the Earth’s Crystal and Angel Grid and the expansion of worldwide Christ consciousness, Mieke’s Crystal Gate work has had a big contribution on several locations.

Her Initiations at the Oneness University in India (in 2005, 2007 and 2010) were a celebration for her connection and unity with the worldwide web of Love.

Her activities include:

  1. Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Master-Instructor Classes in Integrated Energy Therapy® with a graduation certificate from the Center of Being. 
  2. Author of the book “Kristallen Poort, Hartverwarmend Woord” van Kristalpoëzie tot Engelenmagie. Schoten, editor Lakoenaparadijs, February 2008, 400 pages, ISBN-NUMBER : 9789081281614.     Author of the book “Gevleugeld Hart”, cardsets "Angel diamond" with Angel Messages, "Lakoena" Angel CD’s.
  3. Winged Heart : meditations and healings with Angels and nature spirits
  4. Angel Diamond® : beautifull, powerfull Initiations with the 12 Archangels and the Highest Choirs, offered as a year training on different locations in Belgium and the Netherlands
  5. Angel Paradise®: retreats with the Angels of the Tree of Life: deep process in small groups in spectacular scenic nature
  6. Crystal Heart and Crystal Delight® : courses, initiations and Transmissions with Crystals and gem stones: awakening of the Light Body, empowerment of your manifestation in life
  7. Mystic Heart : Initiations with the Ascended Masters of Shamballa, the Holy Grail, the Winged White Unicorns
  8. Oneness Awakening® : Training Oneness Awakening for blessinggivers (in cooperation with Oneness University in India)
  9. Usui Reiki Initiations, Golden Age, Violet Flame and YOD of Isis
  10. Personal healing sessions life coaching and Soulreading, in cooperation with the Angels and Crystals, massage and Spiritual Astrologic consulting.







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